Find Tempting Travel Programming on Your Satellite TV

Planning a vacation? Instead of heading to your local travel agency to pay a small fortune on commissions, why not just head to your living room to get some helpful travel tips from your satellite TV? Whether you need a great destination, are looking for the perfect resort, are only going for the fabulous foreign cuisine, or are interested in extreme outdoor activities, the Travel Channel can certainly help you out. By teasing your travel bug with all the most amazing destinations in the world, splashing across your television screen in HD, the Travel Channel is sure to inspire you to action when it comes to finally taking that dream trip around the world, or even just down south, this year.

With a variety of programs like Dhani Tackles the Globe, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Meet the Natives, and Bizarre Foods, learn about the hidden corners, cultures and cuisines of the planet. You may end up finding a dream location for your next big vacation that you’d never even heard of before. With technologies like the internet, media, satellite TV and more the world seems like it’s getting smaller every day. For this very reason so many people are surprised to learn that there are so many untouched places, or at least places they never knew existed, to see and explore! Find out exactly how to go about getting there with a little help from the Travel Channel.

Have a specific theme that interests you? For those who tend toward the supernatural, why not try a haunted vacation by letting the Travel Channel show you some of the most ghostly places in the world? Prefer to lay in the sand? Look no further than Travel Channel programming for some of the world’s sexiest, most secluded, and beautiful beaches. Prefer to be out on the water? From spending a week living on a sailboat in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands to cruising the Caribbean, there are lots of ways to ditch terra firma and spend your trip hitting the waves.

Speaking of mixed media, try going on the Travel Channel website for loads of travel tips, destination information, special articles, and more. If you decide the travel bug has really bitten you after planning a trip with the Travel Channel, head to their Travel Channel Academy to practice the art of travel filmmaking and digital photography and film editing, or take a travel writing workshop. Even if you’re only heading out on vacation to relax, get opinions and information from the satellite TV channel and the website on the best airports to hit for long layovers, the best budget lodging around the world, advice on currency exchange, guided tours, traveling with the family, and lots more. There’s even a section on how to stay looking good while struggling through 20 hour flights to far off exotic destinations, yikes! There are lots of opportunities to earn free travel and trips, so be sure to head online while being tempted by your favorite destinations on television in high definition.

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