No Reservations Review – Travel and Eat With Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is definitely a reference to follow. Not many people are aware of the huge relationship that can exist between traveling and eating and the way in which he puts it together in his TV programs is absolutely amazing. Let’s take a look at a No Reservations review.

Seeming apparently inoffensive, in front of the screen Anthony gets usually completely wild, and you can see him mixing cuisine and travel experiences in a very varied way on his No Reservations program. If there is one thing I want to emphasize here is exactly in this perfect equilibrium he and his team manage to create on the series of documentaries that are nowadays on Travel Channel on Mondays at 10:00 pm.

As he confesses in a documentary filmed in New Zealand, he passed from being simply a cook to become a legend just after writing a single book. Life can change sometimes and for him it did.

Another thing I want to point in this No Reservations review is the way in which he gets involved not even in culinary extravagant experiences but also in the most intense cultural experiences from each country he visits. Seeming a posh New Yorker at a first sight, we can see him falling from his quad on a ride through some sand dunes in New Zealand, going to hunt, having his ears trespassed with an strange Chinese “relaxing” tool, trying to write in Chinese characters, placing himself under freezing waterfall or even receiving an electric gun shot.

And this is what makes No Reservations so special, because differently from many travel programs where we just focus in reaching the most touristic spots of a region, he and his team try to give a wide scope of what life and culture is in every region.

In the end, as he is used to say, eating is an experience that manages to put people together eating in a same table. Easting is a way to create relationships and to know the culture of a place. And let me tell you that this does not involve getting into a McDonald’s except if you are visiting America.

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